Blessings to you!

Welcome to our web home! The first thing that anyone visiting SouthCross Community Church will discover is that we are welcomers. No, that is not a real word, but it works here. Hugs are preferred over handshakes and most folk find no fear in sharing with other folk. We also love to pray for each other and support each other as members of one family. SouthCross is a small community with large hearts.

Sunday morning is music led and prayer led. We devote most of our hour with God dedicated to those two very important aspects of worship, as well as, engaging Scripture in new and thought-provoking ways.

We invite you all to consider joining us for one or all of our activities of worship and fellowship.
We welcome all into our church home and we are excited to meet new people so we can share the Good News with them: God loves you and is here to stay.