Individual church histories

Valley Community Church

began on Sunday, September 6, 1966. The first worship and the worship for the next 4 years were held at Westview Elementary School. The church began with the combination of two groups of people. One of which had been meeting in the home of their pastor in South Apple Valley. The other, a New Testament theologian pastor with the help of the Minnesota Director of Church Extension at the time, and representatives of Judson Memorial Church. The church began with a threefold approach: engagement, reflection and celebration. Through the baking and delivering of cupcakes to new families moving into the community and teaching the “Christian Faith in the Modern World” class, the church began to grow. A church building was designed and finally opened in April 1970 and an addition completed in 1972. The church faced many obstacles as time went by, but in 1986, after selling five acres of the church property to Summit Oaks Development, the mortgage was paid off and burned at the Twentieth Anniversary celebration.


Promise Congregational Church

began in 1992, meeting at a strip mall on Galaxie Avenue. A husband and wife team of pastors were chosen to start up a congregational church south of the river. Growth was slow but in the middle of the summer in 1992, a group from the dissolved Crystal Lake United Church of Christ joined the congregation. Promise chose to move to Cedar Park Elementary School for financial reasons in September of 1993. Promise had developed a strong community, but did have some problems.
The next few years were rich in prayer and love but lacking vision of where and what God wanted them to do. Both churches continued on their own paths. There were the normal church problems, also some pastor changes, but still, neither church grew the way they wanted to. In 1999, the pastor at Valley, feeling that there was still a possibility that Promise may be a part of Valley’s future, entertained the idea to pursue a joint venture with Promise. After both congregations voted to explore the possibility, a Vision Committee was organized. The churches both realized that they each had strengths to offer each other. Valley offered facilities without the encumbrance of a mortgage, experienced board members, and a pastor who was willing to work with both churches. Promise offered youth programs, a younger and vibrant congregation, and a building fund.

Our New Story Begins

Three months later, it was decided that the congregations would begin worshiping together. On June 11, 2000, the congregations met for their first worship experience. A Worship Committee and Finance Committee were formed to support the needs of the congregation. The Board of Directors from Valley and the Council from Promise began meeting together. A Constitution/Bylaws committee was formed in August 2000. In February of 2001, the two churches voted on the name SouthCross Community Church that was in effect by November of 2001. Many wonderful things began happening. The congregations worked and played together. The congregations also began praying together and had the very first prayer vigil together on April 6, 2001. The church continues to hold open prayer meetings on a regular basis and prayer vigils twice a year. September 16, 2001, the congregations voted to accept the new by-laws, the merger document, and the new council for SouthCross Community Church. With Faith and God’s direction we look forward to having a thriving and growing community in Christ. We continue to be affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA and the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.