Valley Community Church

After meeting for 4 years at Westview Elementary, the church moved into its new building in 1970. Early on, the church was noted for its outreach to new area residents through its cupcake delivery and by the teaching of the Christian Faith in the Modern World class, which drew large crowds. The church was very involved in its community, partly due to the efforts of founding pastor and former Apple Valley mayor, Fred Largen.

Promise Congregational Church

Founded by the other Congregational churches in the state, Promise began meeting in a strip mall on Galaxie before moving to Cedar Park Elementary School. The congregation was especially noted for its commitment to children and youth and could be seen annually in the Independence Day parade. Their friendliness and hospitality, as well as their outreach to senior citizens, helped to make them well known and loved.


Feeling that a joining of their churches,might be mutually beneficial, the two churches entered into,merger negotiations. They began to meet jointly for,worship in June of 2000 at Valley's location. After,prayerful consideration and much hard work, the congregations,voted to join together. In September of 2001, they held,their first services under their new name as a unified church.,SouthCross continues to retain the important ministries that,were the hallmarks of its former parts and has also grown into,new and important areas of ministry as it lives into its new,identity and place in the broader community.

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